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Uniting what has been separated

January 04, 20232 min read

Uniting what has been separated

Dear Friends

Isn’t it amazing that Unity is what we all seem to want and the world, our mirror/reflection is showing just the opposite…
We are looking to belong and we walk around excluding, often with good intentions: especially when we separate from the ones we feel are
Inappropriate or inadequate or just “too” different to nicely fit in our mold.
In the same time we feel we do not judge we simply “looking at facts” forgetting that it’s always our perspective filtering the reflective image.

Uniting what has been separated

As I have been taking classes this weekend ( the eternal student that I am) I was reminded yesterday that Bert Hellinger, the Father of Constellations used to say that “We would do anything to belong… give everything to belong….” and that when the system takes a “ hard left or right” as it is the case right now, our “ little self certainty” is shaken up and everything its upside down and inside out.

We certainly have reached that “tipping point” and at the risk to become repetitive I feel challenging to “change the conversation” because it is in every mind, in every home, n every life and we are forced to take a good look at it if we are serious about our desire to change.

The invitation is out for each and everyone of us at one level or another because when push comes to shove we are ALL responsible and we ALL have the tools to do something about. Now the question is: do we have the guts, the courage to show vulnerability, to open our hearts, and to mend our wounds and the wounds of the world,
Remember: there is no victims without perpetrators and all perpetrators are “secret” victims. It’s in our DNA, generationally and culturally carried through many traumatic experiences…. so let’s together reunite and heal the best we can.️

With much love

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