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Couple Constellation looks at the way the ​two Family Trees of both partners influence the dynamics of ​Love flowing between them. In order to understand the unconscious bonds both partners can learn on their unique constellation.

You will be able to explore what pattern of relationship you have created as a child, but perhaps is no longer useful to you in adult life.

This pattern is connected with stories you have heard about trust, alignment, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, power dynamics, giving and taking in your family of origin conscience.

You can explore the route to way where love succeeds, and how to love with the head, that is, according to the orders of love.

And how to love in the body, and in mind. You can explore the route to your own happiness, in relationships, because as research shows, happiness is our relationships. It is not the quantity of our relationships, but their quality and depth.


The actions of others in your family system can have significant (and often deeply unconscious) effects on you - even across generations. In constellation we look at the connection of your current life issues and problems to the past generations in your family.




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