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Conflict? An opportunity to apply Systemic tools

January 03, 20232 min read

Conflict? An opportunity to apply Systemic tools.

Dear Friends,

In a conflict we lose track: often our emotions Overflow, and clarity and structure are lost. We see red, get angry , start blaming, we feel pressure, stress, a need to defend. Our references are strictly external and we do not give ourselves the time to pause, to breathe and internally reference.

The truth is that conflict as all contrasts actually present opportunities if and when we can maintain the perspective necessary to see them.


People are passionate about their own objectives, values and interests but that often blind passion can become an obstacle to generative intervention.

During these times seeing in the unseen, hearing in the silence, and reading between the lines is the systemic way to give ourselves a chance to be inspired to solutions.

In my own practice, as well as with Mosaic The Movement, I make it my goal to introduce you to the best possible tools to deal with the challenges life brings as the individual or collective levels.

The goal is not only to give you the opportunity to learn them for your own growth but eventually to add them to your professional tool box as a facilitator, coach, therapist and, if it is your wanting to, in turn teach them to your own clients and create your own communities.

Please feel free to reach out for more info about training and offerings I do on my own name.

See below announcement for the next Mosaic event. Gabriel de Velasco is an excellent facilitator/teacher/trainer with a strong Systemic background. I have had the opportunity to work with him and I found his style to be a great fresh approach: to bring you a variety of teachers is one of Mosaic’s systemic function: I strongly believe that being exposed to an wide diversity is the best way to create our own style and  preventing us to become someone’s clone

With much love,


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